If you’ve ever run a marathon or half marathon, you’ll know exactly what the title of this blog is all about.

It’s a homage to that great part of a race where your legs have all but given out, but you know there’s no way on earth that you’re going to stop before the finish.

The crowd are cheering you on (well, you and 25,000 other people), but more importantly, they’re holding out jelly babies. Wonderful, delicious, life-giving jelly babies that are just about the only thing keeping you going at this point.

While there’s all manner of things I love about being a runner, those golden moments where you and thousands of other not particularly athletic souls are being kept going by encouragement and free confectionery from the crowd are amongst the best.

Taking Jelly Babies From Strangers sums up the whole running experience for me. That’s why it’s the title of not just this humble blog, but also my beginners running book, which will be published just as soon as I finish the damn thing.