Vodka Mudshake. The ultimate recovery drink for runners?

vodkamudshakeIt’s a confusing old world for the older plodder. When I was a lad, you drank Adam’s Ale to recover from a long hot run. From a tap, you understand, not some trendy microbrewery.

Then, as the years passed, all sorts of alternatives came along, such as For Goodness Shakes, which I’m not totally averse to, particularly as a freebie at the end of my annual jaunt at Hell Up North.

However, it seems that there’s a new ‘best possible recovery drink’ every week in the sporty press. The Brownlee brothers swear by a pint of milk, it seems, and according to no less august an organ than The Guardian, Chocolate Milk is the choice of the world’s champions, including our very own Mo Farah.

More confusingly still, I recently discovered a Canadian ‘recovery beer’ called Lean Machine, which purports to provide all the isotonic wonderfullness and carbs that a tired athlete needs, while still enabling them to blow the froth off a cool beer.

So, frankly, as I’m desperately in need of a refreshing pick-me-up at the end of a training session these days, and have never felt that beer or milk were the best idea for my delicate constitution, I’ve been at something of a loss.

And then, a little earlier, while picking up some wine for the Good Lady Wife, I spotted a new beverage at my local Bargain Booze, called Vodka Mudshake. It contains all sorts of health-giving ingredients for the tired plodder, in a handy chocolate milk and vodka format, which even needs shaking before you drink it, providing a useful cool-down routine for one’s arms. Best of all, it tastes damn good after a 6-miler in the 30 degrees of heat we’re currently experiencing.

Frankly, I shall be very surprised if I don’t soon read in Runner’s World that this is what Mo Farah has been washing those Quorn sausages down with all these years. But remember, you heard it here first…


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