Gear Review: TrailMix Music Player App for Runners

TrailMix ScreenIt’s an article of faith to me that running’s easier when one has some musical accompaniment, which means that I seldom venture out without the tragically un-hip accompaniment of my favourite running playlist. Yep, me, Stevie Nicks, Deep Purple, Molly Hatchet and Blue Oyster Cult have worn out a lot of Asics Gel Cumulus together.

Until now I’ve been letting the music keep the beat to a large extent, selecting slow rockers like Edge of Seventeen, Perfect Strangers and Dreams I’ll Never See for their low tempo but driving beat.

However, last week a new App for runners rocked up at Jelly Baby Towers, which promises to tailor the beat of my favourite running songs to my pace, rather than the reverse.

Introducing TrailMix Pro
Available from the Apple App store in both free and paid-for ‘Pro’ versions, TrailMix offers a very simple interface, as you can see above. Simply select a playlist and in the mode shown the App will use the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to gauge your pace and match the beat of the song to match it.

Alternatively, you can tap the centre of the dial and then simply ‘pull’ the hand of the dialdial with your fingertip to set the pace you want to run to. I chose to let the App match my pace however,  and received a fairly pleasant surprise, as even in my pathetically slow “I’ve been injured” running mode, this meant that the app actually had to increase the pace of most of my favoured running toons: telling me that I haven’t really been running to the beat as much as I thought, and also making a couple of the slowest rockers sound quite ridiculously quick. Its rendition of Black Velvet, for example, suggested that Allanah Myles had ingested far too much coffee that day…

Having said that, after a nervous few minutes when I couldn’t see the point of the app, I started to really enjoy running with TrailMix enabled; eschewing the usual commentary from Nike+ and relying on my trusty Garmin for pace and distance updates. And when my run was over, TrailMix even provided a breakdown of ‘Steps Taken’, ‘Time Spent Moving’ and ‘Average Pace’: the latter two of which are only available with the Pro version, which costs £2.99 from the App store.

The slightly inconclusive conclusion
Having always believed that I was using the beat to pace my runs, TrailMix has forced me to accept that I’ve been doing no such thing. It has also led me to de-select a couple of very slow rockers from my Running playlist and add in a few quicker tracks. So I have to say that it’s a very nice toy for runners who like their music. What it isn’t though, is a serious running tool, as the ‘results’ screen even on the Pro version doesn’t tell you how far you ran, and isn’t saveable in any case. Which means that if Nike+ or RunKeeper are your only current means of recording and evaluating your runs, you’re unlikely to replace them with TrailMix, regardless of how nice it is.

However, as it’s now my habit to run using both Nike+ and a Garmin, I’m probably going to eschew my use of Nike+ and persevere with TrailMix for a while, as it’s definitely making my increased cadence runs easier to manage, and also helping me to maintain a more even pace on 6-mile tempo runs.

The unheard-of FREE download offer from TJBFS
Those nice people at TrailMix have been kind enough to send me no less than 5 Promo codes that are good for free downloads of TrailMix Pro from the Apple App store.
So if you’d like to try the Pro version for yourself, just let me know by clicking the comments ‘speech bubble’ at the top of the page: I’ll send a free code to the first 5 people who respond, courtesy of TrailMix. No need to put your email address in the box for all to see either, I’ll be able to see it in my WordPress dashboard.


3 thoughts on “Gear Review: TrailMix Music Player App for Runners

  1. It’s true that TrailMix won’t replace Runkeeper, but it doesn’t have to. You can run them both at the same time and get the best of both worlds. I’ve been doing that for a while and it works perfect. Just fire up Runkeeper after TrailMix is running, but don’t choose a playlist (from RK).

  2. I kinda like the sound of this. I’ve been labouriously mixing playlists and on short fast runs I gave up entirely on plugging into my music anymore. I’m of to revive my iPhone and have a go.

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