Regenovex: Is it good for your Mussels too?

RegenovexTime marches on, and we’re none of us getting any younger. Which may explain why, depressingly,  the supply of cushioned running shoes arriving at Jelly Baby Towers in need of review seems to have dried up, and been replaced by a seemingly endless deluge of complimentary heat rubs, ice packs and assorted unguents of a medicinal nature.

I suppose it’s my own fault for whining on so endlessly about cartilage tears and stress fractures. But as my dear old Mum used to say: “When life gives you lemons, go make yourself a nice gin and tonic.” And so, while pining for a pair of the latest Asics Gel Cumulus to review, I instead find myself sitting here staring at my dwindling supply of Regenovex® Capsules and Regenovex® Gel, and idly wondering whether an especially good review might lead to some sort of future discount.

You see, while I’ve tried Glucosamine, Fish Oil and a hundred other medicinal ways to halt the march of time in the past, I’ve never really felt that they were doing too much good, and ultimately stopped taking them. However, a combination of the Regenovex Capsules and Gel do seem to be pretty effective, as I’m now back up to a leisurely 18 miles a week, and my knees and ankles are feeling just about as good as they did after my nine-month layoff due to a stress fracture.

It’s all due, so the packaging tells me, to the development of Marine Bionovex® oil, which is derived from Green Lipped Mussels, meaning that it contains Eicosatetraenoic Acid, a type of Omega 3 Fatty Acid. So, not only can I feel grateful to these delicious Fruits de Mer for their sterling contribution to my favourite Moules et Frites, it seems that they are also helping my ageing knees to stay on track.

One question though, is whether this stuff is really just for joints; as while it’s been an instant panacea for my dodgy finger joints, I have also been using the (fairly fishy) gel for neck pain, and it seems to have an almost instantaneous effect there too; albeit that it leaves me smelling like a man who’s just eaten Mussels, having first used the fingerbowl to quench his thirst.

5 jelly baby ratingSo all hail the Green Lipped Mussel: which is apparently not just damn tasty at my favourite restaurant in Biarritz, but good for your joints too…making Regenovex entirely worthy of its 5 Jelly Baby rating.


One thought on “Regenovex: Is it good for your Mussels too?

  1. When you first use it you have to pump it a few times before any gel comes out, but after that it comes out easily. The gel is slightly yellow in colour and has a slight greasy feel. It also has a very slight fishy smell. It is easy to apply to the joint and sinks in to the skin quite quickly. My husband said this definitely relieved the pain he was feeling.

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