Welcome to Joguary. The new name for January.

One morning, we woke up and realised that all the good months were nearly gone. The non-smokers had seized Stoptober. The beardies had annexed Movember. Both for great causes, of course…

Which gave us an idea.

January, we realised, is when lots of people pay for gym memberships that they’ll hardly ever use, which is kind of a waste. And so, our little band of slightly nerdy runners took the unilateral decision to rename January…as Joguary.

A month where you don’t join a Gym you’ll never go to anyway. Instead, you promise to have a bit of a run at least three times a week this month: then give the money you didn’t give to a gym, to Cancer Research.

Best of all, we’ve made it really, really easy. Click here to join in with Joguary.



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