Gear Review: Cygnett Sports Armband for iPhone

Image As I’m now in serious training for the Edinburgh Marathon on May 27th, my running has become, if it were possible, even nerdier than ever before.

So much so that I’m now logging times and distances with my iPhone as well as with my Garmin 405 (which are coming up with slightly different distance measurements incidentally. What’s all that about?).

However, having tried numerous cheap armbands for the iPhone, most of which have been an incredible faff, I’ve just acquired what must surely be the Rolls Royce of armbands for geeky runners, in the shape of the beautifully made Cygnett Action Sports Armband you see here.

Made from  neoprene, and with velcro in more places than you’d have thought possible, I’m finally protecting my iPhone properly and getting complete access to my Nike+ App through the high quality clear screen, which is allowing me to start and stop timing when I want to, rather than when I can wrestle my iPhone in and out of one of the many badly-designed cases out there.

figure 1

The Cygnett is also comfortable and offers cable access right where you need it; and most importantly of all, holds your iPhone or iPod in place with the overlapping flap on the back that  you can see (if you squint a bit) in figure 1.

Crikey, there’s even a little velcro flap so you can tidy your cable away to stop it flapping around in the wind.

So while this is less technologically-advanced than most of the stuff I review on here, I really think that the Cygnett is the best iPhone case I’ve seen for runners, with absolutely no downsides and therefore fully deserving of a 5 Jelly Baby Rating.


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