Gear Review: Inov8 Skins Running Shoes (Part Two)

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote Part One, but having had a fairly playful run down at the beach in these things earlier, I thought it was probably time to cut to the chase and write Part Two of my Inov8 Skins review.

The long delay has been partly because I’ve been crazy busy at work, but mainly because I still don’t really know how to sum these things up.

(Yes, I know, that’s really unprofessional; but I’m trying to preserve my amateur status so I can pontificate at the Olympics next year)

I’ve now tried them on the road a few times, and while I know other people who love them for roadwork, I still feel that I need a little more in the way of foot protection for my road runs.

Having said that, they continue to make my runs through the dunes an absolute pleasure.

Most importantly of all, due to the complete lack of heel lift, they appear to be helping my tired old knees to cope with my steadily increasing mileage, and having a fairly beneficial effect on my calves and achilles’ too.

So with yet another unwise Marathon on the horizon (Edinburgh, if you’re interested. Sometimes London just doesn’t offer all of the hills and cobbles you want of a longer run), they’re now a key part of my training.

The Incredibly Wishy-Washy Conclusion

Generally, when I write gear reviews, it’s a simple matter to talk about the pros and cons of any item, and recommend them if I think that the good outweighs the bad.

However, what I’ve now realised about Inov8 Skins is that they’re the Marmite of running shoes. You really are going to love them or hate them.

But you really do have to try them out, especially if you do much running on trails or beaches; because frankly, after living with these things for a couple of months, I wouldn’t venture into the sand dunes in anything else.

And so, I’m going to give them a 4.5 Jelly Baby Rating, with half a Jelly Baby deducted simply because the fastenings are a bit on the fiddly side.


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