Runner’s Nutrition: Lucozade Sport Jelly Beans

The nerve of these people! What on earth were they thinking? After all, yours truly has long been… wossname… synonymous with heavy consumption of Bertie Bassett’s finest confection; before, during and after races. Goodness, have they even read the title of this blog?

Apparently not, as just last week a few bags of new Lucozade Sport Jelly BEANS dropped onto the mat here at Jelly Baby Towers.

And while I’m always glad to try new things, this just seemed to be against the natural order of things. But I’m a fair-minded sort, and so, for a couple or three days, I eschewed Jelly Babies, bananas and Cranberry Taut in favour of Lucozade’s latest foray into range extension.

So do these things work?

Well, first off, I have to declare that I’m not a fan of Lucozade drinks, as I prefer the unsweetened alternative provided by Taut.

However, these things seem to be sugar and syrup-based, and pack an even heftier carb punch per 100g than jelly babies. So I followed the instructions and munched a bag, followed by a glass of water. They mix orange and raspberry flavour beans in every bag, and frankly, they taste very nice; though they might be a bit sickly without the H2O chaser.

I then set out for a slightly warm 10 miler, taking another bag and a small bottle of water with me. As is my wont, I waited for a few miles, then started munching and sipping as I went. I was very pleasantly surprised too, as not only were they easy on the stomach, I felt full of energy throughout and put in a fairly respectable performance.

However, at the end of the day, there’s no miracle ingredient that makes these things more than just a pretty pleasant way to get some carbohydrate energy into your system while you train.

They do seem to pack more carbs than standard jelly beans per gram, but then, you could always just eat more standard jelly beans. After all, at 99p for a 30g pack, these aren’t cheap.

Which is better, babies or beans?

The small problem these presented when running, was getting these slippery little suckers into my mouth. More than one of them bit the dust of the dunes as I ran.

Though through trial and error, I’ve worked out that the best way to take them is to tear a very small corner off the pack and try to ‘drink’ the beans from the small opening this creates.

Which is where Jelly Babies score a good bit higher, being considerably easier to get a grip of when you’re on the hoof.

Also, and this is crucial, as I am prone to accepting proffered sweets from strangers in the latter stages of marathons and half-marathons, I also like the tamper-proof nature of Jelly Babies.

You see, that light dusting of sugar would surely give the game away if someone had licked their Jelly Babies before handing them out to runners, whereas the shiny, Shellac finish of Jelly Beans offers no such comfort.

The entirely objective and fair-minded findings

While I was initially a bit sceptical, I actually like the Lucozade Jelly Beans quite a lot. They plainly deliver the goods in terms of energy and are gentle on your stomach too.

Though having said that, I’m still going to be paranoidly looking out for purveyors of free Jelly Babies the next time I run a marathon…


3 thoughts on “Runner’s Nutrition: Lucozade Sport Jelly Beans

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