Happy New Year from Southport

Well, it’s another New Year, and so, yet again, I find myself in resolution-making mode.

Having been injured for some time, I’m afraid that posting on TJBFS has taken something of a back seat, as I really hate to write about running when I’m not able to get out there and do it.

However, my sainted physio having put me back together again, my resolution is to both run and write about it at least 3 days a week this year (tired old body permitting, obviously).

And so, not only have I today entered for the 18km Ultimate Cartmel Trail Race in March, I have also dragged my hugely unfit (and indeed huge) body out along the beach, for a slow six miles through the dunes and back along the beach.

I’ve always prided myself that not only am I saving my knees by running this route every weekend, but that I am also proving my outdoorsiness by knowing this occasionally treacherous stretch of beach like the back of my hand.

Though, if I’m honest, my usual expedient to ensure that I arrive home in one piece is to follow the tyre tracks of the Rangers’ Land Rover, on the assumption that if the sand will hold that sort of weight, it should certainly hold mine: a theory I drunkenly explained to some friends of ours over a festive dinner last week.

Then, of course, they sent me the picture you see above, which was taken from a local website, proving that my ‘follow the tyre tracks’ theory may have the odd flaw in it somewhere along the line.

Whatever. It’s still a great course, and the perfect way to get myself in shape for a summer of running: even if I’m obviously going to have to give it a little more respect than usual…

So at the risk of sounding like a seasonal Roy Rogers: Happy New Year to you and yours, and ‘happy trails’ to you too.


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