Man flu? It’s more like the ebola virus.

lemsipThat’s the problem with writing a running blog. It’s all very well as long as you’re out there running and keep (literally) stumbling across all sorts of things to pontificate and bitch about. But what happens when the unthinkable occurs and you find yourself sidelined, not by a juicy running injury you can write about, but by something as mundane as the common cold?

Well, I say ‘the common cold’, but it feels more like a cross between full-blown flu and the ebola virus. Yes, the only thing in our house that is running with any degree of efficiency is my nose; but I can assure you that it would take far more than that to stop me from strapping a pair on and going for a run.

Nope, the way I feel, particularly with regard to braving the wind and rain along the sea wall, this can only be the Ebola virus. And my kidneys are almost certainly liquefying even as I type. I’ve got the fever, the headache, the general malaise. Even my standard panacea of Lem-Sip laced with vodka is having very little effect.

And don’t try telling me that there are neither green monkeys nor fruitbats in this locale which could have passed on the Ebola virus. Perhaps I picked it up in the Bogs of Doom during Hellrunner?

But enough complaining already. This is the first full-blown cold I’ve had in years; mainly thanks to my running habit. And that isn’t just idle boasting. The American College of Sports Medicine surveyed 700 regular runners last year, and their findings were that 61 percent of people reported a reduction in the number of colds they suffered since they took up running.

Informed medical opinion also indicates that if your symptoms are ‘above the neck’ ie In your head and nose, rather than your chest and lungs, it’s still safe to take moderate exercise, including going for your regular run.

Hmm. Well. OK then. But if this is the last blog entry ever to appear here, you have my full permission to avoid that last bit of advice. And, of course, to watch out for fruitbats during Hellrunner…


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