Why are Golden Bond places so expensive?

yourenotinI’m afraid that my failure to get into the FLM for 2009 is still rankling a bit. So much so that I’ve spent the last few days making enquiries of various charities to see if I can track down a Golden Bond place that I could actually afford to take up.

The upshot is, of course, that with the cheapest place I could find requiring a commitment to raise £2,000, I’ve had to decide against it: as I really can’t see how I can guarantee to raise that amount again, particularly in the current financial crisis.

As any regular reader will know, the cost of Golden Bond places is a bit of a hobby horse of mine – particularly as the last time I had one, in 2005, it cost a much more achievable £650.

And so, while still sweaty and somewhat dejected after my run today, I did a little digging on the Interweb to see if I could find out why costs are now so high.

Well, 5 years ago, the FLM charged charities £250 for a place, against the £300 they pay today. Which doesn’t even begin to explain the huge cost increase for runners.

However, not every charity can simply obtain all the places they want. And it seems that Realbuzz.com, FLM’s online partners are actually selling advertising packages to charities for £9,995, which includes three places, or £22250, which includes eight places.

Presumably, charities recoup a portion of their outlay from the runners who take up the Golden Bond places and make the rest by using the advertising to recruit runners who already have a place through the poll.

While finding out about this system initially had me seething, as it seems pretty much like putting the thumbscrews on charities, who must then do the same to runners, when I calmed down and thought about it, it’s pretty hard to argue with. If only because the FLM raises tens of millions of pounds for charity every year.

In a nutshell, the laws of supply and demand even apply to things like Golden Bond places, and if the charities can find people who are willing and able to raise £2,000 and upwards for a place, then who am I to argue?

All I or anyone else can do is to keep popping in the applications for a poll place, knowing that it’s going to work out for us at least once every 5 years. Well, that and wish all the Golden Bond runners the best of luck in raising such large sums in these dire economic times…


2 thoughts on “Why are Golden Bond places so expensive?

  1. As one of those Golden Bond holders, I’m doing several things to raise the money, and not relying on just sponsorship which I imagine will be more difficult to get. I think people these days are asked for sponsorship for so many different events they just don’t bother in the end and would probably want something back for their money ie buy something and a percentage goes to charity. That’s what I’m going to try anyway! 🙂

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